Vitamin B12 benefits info

The most classic way to supply the body with Vitamin b12 is through injection. Right now, there are other ways to get vitamin b12 such as taking oral prescription drugs or taking nasal sprays but doctors still recommend that people with low levels of vitamin b12 be injected as often as needed.

People with pernicious anemia constantly need the vitamin b12 injection because their bodies have low absorption levels. Therefore, their bodies do not really get the nutrients that they need because they are deficient in vitamin b12. Right now, there have been cheaper ways formulated so that people can still get vitamin b12 minus the injection. You can also try to get it from a natural source which usually includes dairy products. This is especially important for vegetarians who most likely will suffer from vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms if they do not take injections or supplements.

Some oral supplementations contain Cobalamin that is known to cure some deficiencies in the body but then there are only small amounts that are present in multi vitamins and it cannot really be proven whether the small amount is enough to keep deficiencies at bay. Whereas taking the injections would give faster results.

The injections would be able to lessen the risk of having heart diseases and strokes and it has been proven that vitamin b12 can actually make the brain healthier by lessening the possibility that people will lose their memory as they grow older. The amount of people being deficient in vitamin b12 increases as they grow older. This is the reason why older people take supplements or get injected with vitamin b12.

It has been recommended that to maintain vitamin B12 status, the alternatives to high oral doses of Cobalamin which is about 500-1000 micrograms everyday are routine intramuscular injections at a dosage of 1 mg every month.

Vitamin b12 injections do not only lessen the possibility of having different diseases. It has also been proven that it can make the person become less stressed and feel relaxed because Cobalamin makes the body feel more energized and active.

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