Senna is used for cosmetics, tea and as a laxative!

There are no harmful chemicals that can make your skin rough in Senna cosmetics.  These natural cosmetics are produced from different natural resources that are not only harmless, but also environment friendly. You should know that nature has a great quantity of resources that are used to obtain beauty products directly or not directly as derived.

Senna is a large genus of flowering plants in the family Fabaceae. This diverse genus is native all through the tropics, with a little number of species attaining into temperate regions.  In fact, this leaves are herbal medicines. This is being used in pharmaceutical industry to produce laxatives products.

senna tea

With these leaves people often use them for senna tea, as a laxative solution or for cosmetics!

You will find the processed senna leaves in a variety of forms. They could be found in powdered or dried condition because they are not only used for cosmetics but also for making senna tea which is used for so many health reasons including weight loss.

Another reason is that senna laxative is also a popular solution for many people trying to understand how to relieve constipation which the tea from the senna leaves is an effective solution for! On this topic, many people actually enjoy using senna tea as a form of laxative to help with weight loss instead of only being used to help relieve constipation. It’s  becoming popular because the medicine made from herbs cause fewer side effects than prescription drugs.

Many men and women are using make-up products that are just destructive to skin. This can bring many skin infection and other types of health problems. You buy cosmetic those are clinically good for health such as Senna Cosmetics.

This cosmetic are very good for both black and white women. The most effective place to buy Senna cosmetics is the online arena. You will find many online stores that are selling special types of cosmetic products from Senna at a reasonable price.

Mission of senna cosmetics is to make women look more beautiful while finding out what brings out the best in each one of them, making available the correct products and tools and information on how to build that beauty themselves.

Hopefully, this article has helped you to find some useful information about Senna cosmetics and it’s other applications.  You should not let a silly little mark or uneven skin tone ruin your day.


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Try to naturally be more healthy instead of depending on drugs all the time!

You already know the basics of fighting an illness: drink plenty of fluids and get plenty of rest. Getting enough vitamin C is also important. You can know all of the basics of staying healthy but when you get sick all you want is to get some relief from your symptoms. Wanting some quick relief is one of the reasons that so many people opt for medications instead of letting natural methods do their jobs. These drugs are popular because they can act quickly and give you some relief. The relief from these medications is usually temporary and can actually increase the length of your illness. This is the reason natural health is a better idea-the natural methods you use to ease your symptoms actually attack the cause of the cold, which helps you get better!

If you want to stay healthy and not get sick in the first place, natural health is the best option for keeping you well.

Simple things like washing your hands often, eating a nutritious diet and getting regular exercise might be all you need to keep from getting sick. These are all things that will keep you and your immune system strong and healthy. The saying about staying on the offense being a good defense applies to more than a sporting match. Your health benefits from this as well.

Getting rid of your toxins is easy when you eat garlic. Taking up to 1500 mgs of garlic a day (500 mgs three times a day) is one of the best ways to ensure that the garlic can really get into your system to work its magic. You can either eat a clove of garlic or take a 500 mg supplement-nutritionally they’re about the same. This can be accomplished by either taking a tablet of garlic or by including a clove of garlic into your meals at least three times a day. Getting the garlic you need is really easy, especially since garlic costs next to nothing to buy at the store. Don’t carry your 1500mgs a day intake longer than five days. If you are still sick after five days, call a doctor.

Use steam! Save money and take a hot shower or bath instead of buying a bunch of sinus meds. You will have an easier time breathing when you use steam to help open up your sinus passages. The water used to produce the steam will be hot which will help your muscles relax and help you get the rest you need to heal. Putting a towel over your head and aiming your face at some steaming water is a good alternative to taking a long shower or bath. The towel will help aim the steam at your face and keep the water from cooling out too quickly. This will help relax your sinuses which will make it easier to clear them out when you blow your nose.

When you get a cold you can choose something besides spending money on pharmaceuticals. There are a lot of natural health remedies to choose from that are already in your home! You don’t have to waste so much time and energy and money at the pharmacy so why do you continue to do so? Choosing natural health cures just makes more sense.

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One of the known nutrients that are needed by the body is the PABA vitamins. What most people do not know is PABA is not really a vitamin. Rather, it is a form of folic acid. PABA is also known as Para-aminobenzoic acid.


PABA actually does a lot for the body. For instance, it assists in the creation of folic acid and red blood cells, it helps in breaking down protein that are in the body and lastly, it has a lot of anti oxidant actions that can break down toxins and lead the toxins out of the body.


There are some therapeutic benefits that are associated with PABA. PABA is used for the treatment of Peyronie’s disease. For those who do not know, Peyronie’s disease is a condition that affects the male sexual organ. It causes problems in urination and erection. People with this condition were given PABA vitamins and supplements and a good amount of them became better.


PABA is also associated in making a person more fertile. There are not enough studies to really state the reason why this happens but some experts agree that it is probably because of the production of folic acid that can cause fertility.


PABA can also make you look younger because it helps in stopping the hair from turning gray. It also helps in preventing hair loss. We do know that Vitamin B is essential in making the hair healthy and since PABA is a form of B vitamin, it will surely help in keeping the hair healthy and shiny.


It has already been mentioned above that PABA contains some anti oxidant properties. Because of this, PABA is also good for the skin. Some sunscreens have PABA properties because it can alter some of the harmful effects caused by the sun’s rays.


Do remember that there is a limit to the amount of PABA vitamins that you can take in a day. It is recommended that you only take below 8gm. Any amount above that can be toxic for you.


PABA is also associated with some side effects such as skin rash, nausea, anorexia, diarrhea, vomiting, and fever. If this occurs, all you have to do is stop using the supplements and the effects will stop.


Do remember that even though PABA is not considered an essential nutrient, it can actually give you a lot of health benefits. It would be up to you to decide if you would want it to be a part of your diet or not. If it is mixed with other healthy vitamins and nutrients, you will notice a good, dramatic change in your health.

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The best way to stay healthy is not to use drugs but to have proper nutrition awareness!

Obviously you already know that the basics of fighting the flu are getting all the rest you can and drinking a bunch of fluids. Getting enough vitamin C is also important. Even though you might know how to stay healthy, when you get sick your major concern is getting better quickly. This need for quick relief is what sends so many people flocking to the pharmacy. These medications can sooth cold and flu symptoms fairly quickly. But what they can also do is simply stretch out your symptoms-too much medication can actually lengthen your illness! Why would you choose a longer cold with temporary spells of relief over a shorter cold with longer periods of relief?

Believe it or not, onions are great for your health! Combining onions with honey to make syrup is one popular method of curing a cold. Cut an onion up and then, after putting the pieces of the onion into a bowl and pour honey over them. You need to take time to mix both ingredients together and then let it sit still through the night. You should take a single spoonful of the onions and honey every three or four hours and after a few days the cold should go away. Adding some onions to your food every meal is another good idea-they blend in to the taste of just about everything. People have used ginger as a cure for the cold or flu for years. Ginger is a widely used ingredient for cooking and tea making. It certainly can’t hurt to increase your ginger intake if you start to feel like you’re getting a cold or coming down with the flu. It’s easier for you to heal when you’ve had some ginger. Drinking ginger tea regularly can help your immune system become strong enough to fight off any colds or flues that might try to take hold.

It’s important to eat healthy and things like proper vitamin d sources and vitamin b12 should always be in your diet.Strengthening your immune system through natural health practices is one of the best ways to keep from getting sick at all..Cut out the sugar. Eating sugar is bad for your immune system and it makes you more susceptible for illnesses. Lots of people say that, after they stop eating sugar, they start to feel a lot better. While many people opt for sugary drinks when they are sick because they like the taste, staying strong and drinking water instead is better for you. Natural health remedies are great but if eating sugary snacks and foods won’t let them do the job you want them to do.

To keep your illness from progressing and to prevent future sickness from occurring it is important that you learn the proper ways to treat your system naturally. Be practical and use the natural cold remedies you have on hand instead of spending money on chemicals that don’t really cure what ails you

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Vitamin B12 benefits info

The most classic way to supply the body with Vitamin b12 is through injection. Right now, there are other ways to get vitamin b12 such as taking oral prescription drugs or taking nasal sprays but doctors still recommend that people with low levels of vitamin b12 be injected as often as needed.

People with pernicious anemia constantly need the vitamin b12 injection because their bodies have low absorption levels. Therefore, their bodies do not really get the nutrients that they need because they are deficient in vitamin b12. Right now, there have been cheaper ways formulated so that people can still get vitamin b12 minus the injection. You can also try to get it from a natural source which usually includes dairy products. This is especially important for vegetarians who most likely will suffer from vitamin b12 deficiency symptoms if they do not take injections or supplements.

Some oral supplementations contain Cobalamin that is known to cure some deficiencies in the body but then there are only small amounts that are present in multi vitamins and it cannot really be proven whether the small amount is enough to keep deficiencies at bay. Whereas taking the injections would give faster results.

The injections would be able to lessen the risk of having heart diseases and strokes and it has been proven that vitamin b12 can actually make the brain healthier by lessening the possibility that people will lose their memory as they grow older. The amount of people being deficient in vitamin b12 increases as they grow older. This is the reason why older people take supplements or get injected with vitamin b12.

It has been recommended that to maintain vitamin B12 status, the alternatives to high oral doses of Cobalamin which is about 500-1000 micrograms everyday are routine intramuscular injections at a dosage of 1 mg every month.

Vitamin b12 injections do not only lessen the possibility of having different diseases. It has also been proven that it can make the person become less stressed and feel relaxed because Cobalamin makes the body feel more energized and active.

Originally posted on this blog about b12 injections.

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What some might now know About Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that is naturally present in very few foods. It is also produced internally when ultraviolet rays from sunlight strike the skin and trigger vitamin D production. Technically it’s not just a vitamin – it’s also a hormone.

When a substance functions like a vitamin, it participates in and regulates our metabolism, allowing it to function properly. And that is exactly what vitamin D does: it helps to regulate our bone development, our muscle function, our immune function, our insulin activity, our calcium balance, and our phosphorus balance. And its deficiency has been known to cause at least 17 varieties of cancer as well as heart disease, stroke, hypertension, autoimmune diseases, diabetes, depression, chronic pain, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, muscle weakness, muscle wasting, birth defects, periodontal disease, and more. Decreased bone mineral density and Alzheimer’s disease was associated with a low intake of the vitamin and inadequate sunlight exposure.

As it is not always practical to get your vitamin D from sunshine, and quite difficult to get adequate amounts from your diet so for many people, a supplement is a practical way to ensure adequate levels of this important protector are always available in your bloodstream. Here’s a good link to my other website that has more information on vitamin d sources. Also, this vitamin is best taken with calcium and magnesium for proper balance. They all work together to form, among other things, strong bones. Many people associate calcium with strong bones but calcium alone cannot do the job properly!

It is very rare to have a vitamin D overdose, its toxicity induces high serum calcium levels (hypercalcemia), which could result in bone loss, kidney stones, and calcification of organs like the heart and kidneys if untreated over a long period of time.

With the wonders we can get from vitamin D, it can be safely stated that we need to go out and enjoy outdoors while we gain from its health benefits. Around 20 – 30 minutes under the sun is beneficial enough.

You can find more information on this vitamin at wikipedia!

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My short fish oil supplement review, benefits and side effects

fish_oilFish oils are those from fatty fishes, such as tunas, which became a popular supplement in recent years due to a number of benefits that can surely improve your health. Fish oil contains a very high amount of Omega 3 fatty acids, a substance that is often linked to benefits to the heart and brain, and it also helps to lower triglyceride levels. Besides these major benefits, there are other advantages of taking fish oil supplements based on some research. Most people have heard of the term “Omega 3 fatty acids” but what’s Blair really important about omega 3 is the eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) that it contains.

It’s important to briefly mention that fish oil side effects are not really common from the actual consumption of omega-3. However, many fish have mercury and other toxins mixed in the oil which can have side effects for your body. So it’s very important to choose the fish you eat wisely or the case of supplements, choose the best fish oil supplement. The best fish oil supplement basically means to find one that is well refined and purified of all toxins that are initially present in the fish. Another somewhat related side effect is that some people complain that they get a weird aftertaste after ingesting fish oil supplements. If you are currently affected by this problem and it bothers you keep in mind that many good fish oil supplement brands guarantee you will not have this problem so you might try to look elsewhere.

Some known effects of Omega 3 fatty acids contained in fish oil supplement comprise of decreasing a certain inflammation in the body by holding back COX-2, a special kind of enzyme; as well as that of inflammatory substances like interleukin-1 (IL-1) and tumor necrosis factor (TNF). As mentioned, fish oil lowers triglyceride levels, therefore decreasing the blood pressure to a more normal range, and preventing blood clots by lessening the production of a chemical called thromboxane A2, a chemical that causes blood platelets to adhere and to form blood clots and, thus, boost blood pressure. Because fish oils lessen the amount of thromboxane A2, they help out to thin out blood to prevent the formation of blood clots that can cause heart attacks and stroke.

As the studies are being continued about fish oil, many findings have been also interpreted. These findings are other advantages that we can get from fish oil. It has been found out that fish oil can prevent or help in treating cardiovascular diseases including stroke, blood pressure, cholesterol, heart attacks and many more. It also has an ability to balance weight weather to gain weight or to lose weight. It can treat rheumatic arthritis, help in pregnancy and infancy development, aid in mental problems and diseases, and reduce the risks of having age-related circumstances.

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